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SO-CAL Race Team T-Shirt - Black

SO-CAL Race Team T-Shirt - Black

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The SO-CAL Speed Shop racing team concept began with the building of our first competion car in 1948, the SO-CAL belly tank. Right from the start we decided everything- the car, the uniforms and the performance- would reflect the high standards we had set for the speed shop itself. 
  I am very proud to say, not only did we reach that goal, we exceeded it, especially in the performace of each car. While there were several successful team cars, the three I have picked are the ones I was personally involved with, thre belly tank, the streamliner and the '34 Ford coupe.
  These 3, in addition to setting over 20 speed records, were also featured on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine (the streamliner 3 times!!), and won many "Best Appearing Car & Crew" trophies.
  The belly tank and the coupe also received prestigious awards from the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance. The belly tank and the coupe have been beautifully restored and the streamliner has been incredibly recreated. 
  We would welcomoe you as a member of the SO-CAL Speed Shop Racing Team!!!

                                                                                         Alex Xydias

Note: The belly tank was restored by Pete Chapouris for Bruce Meyer and is in Bruce's collection. The Coupe was restored by Don Orosco and is in the Bruce Canepa collection. Dan Webb recreated the SO-CAL Streamliner and is in his collection. 

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